Write A Captivating Photography Blog

Photographers are obviously busy, so a common excuse they have for not starting a photography blog is having no time left in their busy schedule to update their blog every day.

Of course, those photographers are working on the assumption that a blog is similar to a newspaper in that it’s important to keep it looking fresh with new content every day.

Beware Of False Assumptions

That assumption turns out to be false, which is good news for the average working professional photographer, since generating new blog posts every day sounds like a great deal of work! The very prospect of having to fit all that extra work into an already busy schedule is enough to put anyone off the idea.more posts from JamesLPearson.co.uk

The reason photographers make this false assumption at the beginning is completely understandable. After all, prospective clients find photographers mainly through the search engines, with the higher-ranking websites obviously capturing the majority of potential clients.

Based on that line of reasoning, it’s easy to assume that posting new material every day ought to be a good strategy for better search engine optimization (SEO). However, while it’s true that having more content indexed by the search engines is generally beneficial, cranking out new posts every single day is not only unnecessary, but also unproductive.

The reason is simply that external factors, such as links from other websites and social sharing, have a big influence on search engine rankings, so it makes sense to give each blog post time to accumulate some of those links, and generate traction through social media.

Therefore, instead of constantly adding new content to the blog, a more productive strategy might be to build the photography blog steadily over time. After all, why use up all of those great ideas too quickly, when they can be dripped out over time?

There’s More To It Than SEO

While search engine optimization is important, there’s actually something more valuable to consider when producing content for your photography blog.

Your readers.

Think about your audience – the people you’re producing this content for. How busy are they? Do they have time to read everything on your photography blog?

Given the frantic lives we live these days, they probably don’t have time, which means that if we post new material daily, the majority of it would go unconsumed. In fact, unlike a true news blog, posting every day can lead to a loss of readers because they become overwhelmed by the constant flood of content, and when people stop reading your blog it defeats the very purpose of writing every day!

What Is The Right Posting Frequency?

So how often should you post to your photography blog? There’s no specific rule for this, but starting out with one post per week, or one every two weeks, should be more than sufficient.

Here are three important things to consider:

-Pick a schedule that you know you can work with.

-Your readers will learn when to look for your content.

-Stick to the schedule as far as possible.

For example, you could choose to post every Tuesday morning, and you could even write your posts in advance by using the scheduling features built into WordPress. In fact, you could easily produce several weeks’ worth of content in one sitting, scheduling each post to appear at the appropriate time.

By spacing out your blog posts, they will stay at the top of your home page post listing for a longer period, giving them time to accumulate more views, more social shares, and comments. This increased level of user engagement through social sharing and comments can also mean higher search engine rankings for each post.

Now that you’re no longer pressured by the idea of having to post to your blog every day, you can focus on producing some valuable content that your audience will love, and that will also help you in your search engine optimization efforts.